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Cultural Safety - Coming Soon

Cultural safety (CS) is a growing field that aims to improve the relations between non-Indigenous and Indigenous people; however, there is little consensus about how to effectively provide CS training and how to subsequently evaluate the effectiveness of the training, specifically with regard to the intrapersonal changes that can occur when someone has received appropriate and effective training. Our research goal is twofold: first, to provide widely accessible foundational and profession-specific online CS training; and second, to evaluate the changes to social, physical, emotional, and spiritual behaviour of our participants after receiving the training. This project will identify the best ways to use online platforms to deliver effective, Indigenous-led cultural safety content to professionals and students in the fields of health, education, and social services using Indigenous research methods. This project is under development with an anticipated pilot testing session in Winter 2021.  For information about related projects, please click here.

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After completing the foundational courses, participants move on to profession-specific streams that provide resources and case studies based on situations that they are likely to encounter in their specific professional settings.

We will soon be posting a link to a survey to assess people’s baseline Indigenous knowledge in 4 different professions: medical residency, nursing, education, and social services.  If you’d like to be made aware of when the link is available, please sign up here for the PHESC newsletter.

If you’re interested in being part of an online sharing circle in August 2020, please contact Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle.




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